Andrew Causey

  Andrew Causey   
 Pastor of Worship Arts




I’m husband to my sweet wife, Lisa, and dad to my awesome kiddos: Jacob (2), Simon (6), Jude (6), Tyce (7), Crew (8), Eden (8), and Jayni (10).  We live in KY, on our chicken and goat farm, Sweet Blue Farmstead.  I love the Crieve Hall community and grew up down here in Nashville.  I attended Brentwood Academy and then ended up at Western Kentucky University for college.  I’ve been in ministerial service since 2002, up near Bowling Green, KY.  I have served churches in KY and TN - and love the role of Pastor of Worship Arts.

The worship arts ministry at Crievewood is one that seeks to honor God in many ways.  We see art as a calling - in music, visual arts, drama, etc.  This calling is placed on our lives because we are made in God’s image.  As He is the Creator of all things, he gives us the gift of being creative as well.  We honor him through our unique callings and our limitless creativity.  Our ministries seek to enrich the lives of our fellow brothers and sisters and to show the rest of the world that creativity is alive and well in His church.

Favorite Music: 

I love all kinds of music and have found very little that escapes my admiration when it’s done well, and with passion.  Some of my favorites are Eric Whitacre, Paul Simon, Ray LaMontagne, John Mayer, and many others…  I am a gigging musician and a wedding DJ as well, so I always love finding a new song that I’ve never heard before.

Favorite Things to Eat: 

Mexican food.  Tacos.  Burritos.  Also nachos and enchiladas…  All things pork as well.

Favorite Books: 

I love books on family, worship theology, and spy-styled-fiction.

Favorite TV Shows:

UK Basketball.

What else would you like people to know about you?

Didn’t find out I loved the work of farming livestock until the past year or so.  Building barns, putting in fence lines, spending time walking on the crunchy grass of a KY field is just where my heart finds some peace.  I love to write music and sing with my sweet wife.  I enjoy working with the sports teams of my kids and the American scout organization for my boys.