Date: 27/11/2021
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Know Your Who

                “Know your why.”  That phrase is often tossed around as sound business and success advise.  Know your purpose.  If your purpose is to provide for your family, then that is what gets you up in the morning.  PT Barnum once said “the noblest art is that of making others happy.”  Guess what his why was?  It was to bring joy to the people who attended his circuses. 

                As a follower of Jesus though, our why is wrapped up in our Who.  We do not have a why without a Who.  Paul in Colossians tells us to seek that which is higher, and to set our minds on things above rather than earthly things.  What’s he talking about?  Just look up to the sky all day?  No, Paul is speaking about Jesus.  Paul is speaking about the Jesus he describes as the creator, sustainer, and redeemer of the world.  The Jesus in whom the Image of God is fully revealed.  The Jesus in whom we find our redemption to who God has created us to be.  The Jesus who will one day make this world right. 

                When we focus on that Jesus, our priorities shift in life.  We recognize the image of God in everyone.  We see the sinner in need of a savior.  We see the lost, the blind, the imprisoned, and the lame.  We see the world as God sees it.  So seek that which is above and always remember to turn your eyes upon Jesus, the source and author of our faith.  Get to know your Who and your Why will work itself out. 
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