Date: 24/06/2022
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           Home.  When we first visited CBC back in 2016 on a Wednesday night that is the word Sarah used to describe how she felt about this place.  Home is the place where we truly live life.  We are who we are when we are at home.  We laugh harder at home.  We grieve.  We play and work.  We strive to make it a happy place, but more importantly a safe place.  We seek wisdom at home, and try to live it out in the world.  Home is where you rest and recharge to get ready for the new day, week, or season ahead.

            Home.  Think about how CBC has been home for hundreds of people over these last 65 years.  CBC has given a place to worship.  Whether it was one of the good old hymns of the faith or a newer form of expression, CBC provided a home for people to worship the one true God.  CBC has given itself to growth.  We have challenged the people of Nashville who walk through our doors to grow in their faith and as a human being.  We have hosted youth disciple nows, VBS’s, marriage conferences, weekly Sunday School and discipleship training opportunities, and countless other programs that challenged people to grow.  CBC has been a place where people celebrate the most important days of the lives – baby dedications, baptisms, and weddings.  We are a place where people grieve deeply.  CBC has been a home base of missions.  Think about Luke 9:2, Begin Anew, and a host of other mission partnerships that have launched out of this place.  We have never been perfect, but we are motivated by the GRACE of God. 

            Home.  Home is ultimately a gift from God.  Augustine, a fourth century pastor-theologian, said it this way – “our hearts are restless until they rest in You, o God.”  CBC has been a place of rest for people over the last 65 years.  People have experienced God.  They have grown.  They have been sent out on mission.  People have a home here.  There is room enough for you.  Come home to CBC.
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