Date: 27/11/2021
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A Walk Down Crieve Road

            A few mornings ago I was on a walk with our dog Padfoot (Harry Potter reference in case you did not know).  He is still a puppy and so I need to walk him to wear him out.  Otherwise he can be quite the obnoxious barker!  In order to wear him out faster, I try to find streets with big hills on them.  Sometimes we head over to the Ag center.  Other times, like the other morning we stay in the neighborhood itself.  I often pray prayers of gratitude during these walks.  As Padfoot and I were walking we found ourselves walking up the hill of Crieve Road. 

            I could not help but give thanks for our church’s beginnings on this hill.   As we passed the old Partee home, we stopped for a moment.  I’m sure the new owners appreciated a random man and his dog stopping at their house, but it was 5:00 am so I wasn’t too worried about it!  As we paused, I began to imagine Crieve Road full of cars as it was in the beginning of the church.  I imagined all the kids running between the three wide open backyards that housed Sunday School and the different programs we ran then.  I imagined all these mid-30’s parents with kids who were working hard to build a life and a future in post-war America.  I imagined the Holy Spirit infused energy that street contained at the beginning of the movement that became CBC.  I got goosebumps as I welled with gratitude for the Grace God has poured out over this street.

            I had a worship service there to myself on this walk.  Then I remembered, God’s not done with CBC yet.  That DNA that started the church is still around in us.  That Holy Spirit infused confidence that God would complete the work started in us is still here.  Yes neighborhoods change.  Yes the world has changed and continues to change at a rapid pace.  Yes we have big questions and opportunities that face us.  But that house on Crieve Road reminds me that God’s Gospel has not changed.  The tomb is still empty.  Grace has been given.  And God has great work for us to do! 

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