Wednesday, 3 January 2018
2017 has now faded into the darkness, and we welcome 2018.

2017 has now faded into the darkness, and we welcome 2018. I do not know about you, but I love New Year’s Day. It feels like a fresh start. Oh, our problems may still be there, but it is a time for reflection. I hope that you have taken some time to reflect back on where God has worked in your life over the past year. Where have you seen the grace of God at work? Where have you seen God’s forgiveness? Where have you experienced God’s presence? 

God is at work all around us, even when we cannot see it. One of the spiritual practices I do is at the end of a day is to review the day. I imagine watching a film of my day with God. As I review my day, God shows me where He was working. God shows me areas of my character where I need to grow. By doing this, I experience God’s grace of His presence in my life. This year, I did it for 2017.

After reflecting, I challenge you to then look ahead. Look ahead to what God wants from you this year. Where does God want to grow your character? Who does God want you to bless? Where does God want you to invest yourself? Perhaps God is drawing you into scripture memory this year. Perhaps there is a service at the church or in your community that God is inviting you to invest. 

Paul speaks of life “in Christ.” We are abiding in Christ and Christ abides in us. Part of that process is reflection. The New Year is the perfect time to reflect on who God is, who you are in God, and how God wants you to live this year. 


Posted on 01/03/2018 10:06 AM by Ray Miller
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