Monday, 5 November 2018
We are ENOUGH, with God

The words NOT ENOUGH are everywhere.

Images of NOT ENOUGH are everywhere.

The feeling of NOT ENOUGH is every day.

We immersed ourselves into the Word this weekend, learning about our worth in Christ, how we are more than enough IN Him. We dreamed and prayed about who we want our children to be, and then spoke those same words over ourselves, and vowed that this is who we will be. Who, with God, we will become.

I saw God work in the way He allowed us to be vulnerable in community, to share in our grief, our joy, our hopes and dreams, for the kind of women we feel he wants us to be, we want to be for our loved ones and who we feel called to be.

We were in a beautiful place with beautiful people sharing our stories. Being able to meet people where they are, in whatever they are going through, is something Jesus does daily for us. And that’s what we experienced with each other on our mountain retreat. All of us went into this weekend with expectations and hopes to refocus, reconnect and center ourselves with God and each other. We got that and so much more.

“I want to be fearless, a beautiful force that is a vessel of God’s kingdom. I want to serve and love well. I want to be someone that God qualifies to do His work. I want to be someone who listens to people well, and who people are naturally drawn to. I want to see the good in others, to recognize they are doing the best that they can. I want to be the good always, as a light for others to see Christ. I want to be confident, joyous, consistent, and always intentional. I want to be a good friend and bless people.”

Posted on 11/05/2018 10:53 AM by Kathryn Ervin
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